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Voopoo owner ICCPP unveils ceramic coil disposable and multi-category solution

June 2, 2022

(Photo: Business Wire)

ICCPP, the Chinese atomisation technology solutions provider and brand owner of Voopoo and Zovoo, has launched its full-range ceramic coil solution including disposable ceramic coil at Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham last week.

Exhibiting as a group for the first time, ICCPP showcased its branded ODM+ solution and full-range ceramic coil solution. Adopting the Gene Tree technology, ICCPP’s ceramic coil will be integrated with the ODM+ (original design manufacturer) business to promote a greater evolution in the industry.

The firm said the ceramic coil, its first product released since it jointly launched the digital strategy with SAP and PwC, is bound to become a benchmark in the global vape industry.

Committed to becoming the leader in atomisation technology, ICCPP brings a natural and pleasant vaping experience to the customers with its nanocrystalline (NC) materials and technical innovation. The newly launched Gene Tree thin film technology features five technical advantages, namely powder-free, improved safety, finer atomisation, a longer lifespan, and an improved flavor.

ICCPP said it will soon launch a disposable product equipped with the Gene Tree ceramic technology.

On May 26, ICCPP announced the official launch of the ‘Digital Transformation Project’ at its Shenzhen headquarters, becoming the world’s first major company in the vape industry to cooperate with SAP and PwC.

At present, ICCPP has a set of long-term plans for refillable and disposable ceramic coil products, and has reached cooperation intentions with at least five overseas major customers.

The company has also announced the launched the branded ODM+ business, a new strategic partnership integrating brand positioning, user insight, product design, product development and after-sales, to guide customers to embrace new era of product customisation.

ICCPP said the ceramic coil solution, as the first strategic category after the digital upgrade, can adapt to the full range of product lines and is all set to create a new vape category, improve user experience and bring changes to the market structure.

The company added that it has already reached cooperation intentions on this ceramic coil technology with many overseas major customers.

Another Chinese vape brand Feelm, the flagship atomisation tech brand belonging to Smoore, has also showcased a new ceramic coil disposable pod solution series, Feelm Max at the Vaper Expo UK.