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Feelm unveils new ceramic coil disposable pod series Feelm Max

May 28, 2022

(Photo: Business Wire)

Feelm, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to Smoore, on Friday showcased a new ceramic coil disposable pod solution series, Feelm Max at Vaper Expo UK 2022 in Birmingham.

Billed as the world’s first, Feelm said it is introducing its cutting-edge ceramic coil heating technology to the emerging category of disposable vape with the new solution.

Almost all the existing disposable vapes are equipped with cotton coil, which produces relatively large aerosol particles, leading to inefficient deposition of inhaled particles in the lungs, hence low nicotine delivery and satisfaction, as well as harshness in throat. Uneven heating of cotton coils could also cause a weak flavor consistency, so that vaping experience will fade gradually, the brand noted.

It added that the new series will herald a change in the disposable vape category much similar to what  internal combustion engine represented o airplanes, automobiles, ships, submarines, and trains.

“It aims to provide the next generation of disposable vapes with a stronger, more reliable and efficient atomization “engine”. Just like internal combustion engine, which features high thermal efficiency, light weight, compact size and maneuverability, marking the coming of the second industrial revolution; Feelm Max is expected to lead another ceramic coil revolution in the global vaping industry, since the launch of Feelm Air in January 2022,” the brand said.

The vaping solution has largely improved e-liquid utilisation by virtue of a cotton-free structure and microporous ceramic coil. Therefore, its puff number is increased by 25 per cent with the same e-liquid volume, compared with traditional cotton coil disposable vapes.

Besides, it can provide an unprecedented silky-smooth vaping experience, thanks to the ceramic coil, which generates smaller vaporized aerosol particles, thereby minimizing residue in throat. In contrast to cotton coil disposable vapes, the smoothness is improved also by 30 per cent. This innovation also boasts extraordinary flavor consistency of over 95 per cent, since ceramic coil can guarantee constant vapor production, so as to bring the same strong and great taste till the last puff.

In addition to the three major benefits, Feelm Max also features 46 per cent increased overall harm reduction performance compared with cotton coil vapes, and ultra-low vaping leakage rate of less than 0.03 per cent, empowered by Maze Leakage-proof Technology.

The smaller vaporized aerosol particles generated by Feelm ceramic coil tend to deposit more in the lung, bringing greater and faster satisfaction. Meanwhile, Feelm’s patented Flavor-Lock technology can bring tailored flavor release with terraced temperature zones.

At Vaper Expo UK 2022, Feelm has also showcased other pioneering disposable vaping solutions, for example, eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarette and anti-dust mouthpiece hygienic e-cigarette.

These two have been awarded Red Dot Awards for Product Design 2022 for their green product concepts and avant-garde design. Unlike traditional disposable e-cigarettes made of plastic, the external structure of eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarette is composed of recyclable and reusable paper and aluminum foil while anti-dust mouthpiece hygienic e-cigarette features a twist nozzle to prevent the contact of mouthpiece with something unclean, with the product concept originated from lipsticks.

Another award-winning solution displayed at the event is Feelm Air, the world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution. In collaboration with its global clients, Feelm has demonstrated a series of vaping products of regional leading brands that adopt Feelm Air solution. It will announce the 2022 timeline of commercial launch of Feelm Air on a global scale afterwards.

The disposable vape has been growing in popularity since 2020, with the market size reaching $2.12 billion (£1.68bn) in 2021, accounting for 22.7 per cent of global vaping device market share. According to the estimates of Frost & Suvillian, it is expected to increase at a GAGR of over 28 per cent from 2022 to 2026, being the fastest-growing category among all vaping products. In 2022, the market size of disposable category is expected to reach $2.72bn, making up over 43 per cent of closed system vaping products.