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ZYN launches tobacco flavour without using tobacco

May 4, 2022


Swedish Match brand ZYN has launched a tobacco flavoured nicotine pouch that does not use tobacco, targetting those nicotine users who do not wish to consume tobacco, but still enjoy the taste.

The new flavour, Tobacco Gold, is available in medium (3mg) and strong (6mg) strengths.

Swedish Match said the product was particularly developed for consumers who may not have previously considered nicotine pouches, due to preferring a tobacco taste over the current selection of flavours available in the market.

The nicotine pouches have a sweet tobacco flavour,  reminiscent of dried fruit, wood and caramel and addresses the demands of consumers, as tobacco has become the most desired flavour in the category.

As a decline in cigarette use continues and previous cigarette smokers look for alternatives, Swedish Match noted that Tobacco Gold is a reduce-risk solution for cigarette smokers who not only want to prevent the consumption of tobacco, but also enjoy a nicotine kick in smoke-free environments.

“We’re delighted to be the only major brand to supply tobacco flavour nicotine pouches as we’ve seen this to be the most desired flavour for users,” Darren Griffin, country manager of ZYN, said.

“At ZYN, we believe in a world without cigarettes and therefore want to continue expanding our range to help consumers opt for reduced-risk alternatives that are both tobacco-free and smoke-free.”

ZYN Tobacco Gold has a recommended retail price of £6.50.