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ZYN introduces Pearls range with new technology

November 14, 2022


Nicotine pouch brand ZYN has announced the launch of ZYN Pearls, a technological advancement in the category that uses unique pearl shaped fillers inside the pouches.

The brand said the new technology will help it to meet the growing consumer demand for stronger nicotine pouches. While each pouch remains comfortable and discreet, the new Pearls Technology allows for increased effectiveness, it said.

“Our innovation with ZYN Pearls is part of our continued effort to achieve a smoke-free society and a firm response to the declining trend of cigarette smoking,” Darren Griffin, country manager of ZYN, said.

“We hope to produce a more intense Zyngle for our customers and aim to appeal to the 74 per cent of cigarette smokers who want to change their habits. By offering an effective, flavourful alternative, we want to continue catering to the demands of consumers who are after a stronger, faster nicotine experience.”

ZYN Pearls enables nicotine and flavour to settle on the surface of the pearl which consequently delivers a faster, stronger nicotine release with optimum flavour. With each pouch containing over 1,000 tiny, coated pearls, consumers can now experience an even more intense mouthfeel and prolonged sensation.

Pearls Technology provides the fastest nicotine release available under the ZYN brand, which is particularly relevant for the many smokers looking for less harmful alternatives with a powerful kick.

Recommended for experienced nicotine users only, the latest range of pouches launches with a brand-new Ice Mint flavour following research highlighting mint as the most popular flavour in the UK. Ice Mint provides a palpable cooling and fresh experience with flavours of peppermint and menthol.

ZYN Pearls has a recommended retail price of £6.50.