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Home News Zovoo secures listing at Bestway for new Dragbar disposable vape

Zovoo secures listing at Bestway for new Dragbar disposable vape

June 17, 2022


Zovoo, a sister brand of popular Chinese brand Voopoo, is all set to launch its new disposable series Dragbar at Bestway Wholesale this month.

The brand said the listing serves as yet another example of the strength of the Zovoo brand and its products within the UK.

“The entry into Bestway convenience channel enables Zovoo to fully carry out its large-scale sales network plans, utilising Bestway’s online and offline retail channels, comprehensive logistics advantages, leading localised customer service and high customer purchasing power, enabling more local consumers to buy Dragbar disposable products,” the brand said in a statement.

Ten flavours of Dragbar will be available at Bestway. This disposable is powered using the same cutting-edge technology of Voopoo.

The Dragbar series, launched at the end of 2021, are popular among vapers who favor sugar-free and low-sugar e-liquid due to its innovative use of ethyl maltol to provide the sweetness in e-liquid that can effectively avoid sugar addiction.

Unveiled at the National Convenience Show Birmingham 2022, Dragbar 600S is equipped with LED six-color dazzling light, which integrates the beautiful appearance of two-color injection molding of the body. The light will last for 25 seconds between breathing.