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Why our Vampire Vapes could be your next must-stock vape range 

November 16, 2020

Credit: Flavour Warehouse

Flavour Warehouse’s group sales director, Anthony Moses, introduces his “fun” vape brand to the channel

When Vampire Vape was established in 2012, we began with just 12 core flavours, but this has expanded dramatically over the years and now dominates this space offering in excess of 50 flavours.

All of our liquids are produced here in the UK, and we employ experienced full-time flavourists to ensure each vape captures the genuine flavour it is aiming for. The Vampire Vape brand is without doubt best known for our flavour Heisenberg, which was originally created in 2014, this famous e-liquid remains one of the best-selling flavours in the UK vape category – and inspired many copies that have failed to come close to the original.

Credit: Flavour Warehouse

Our goal remains to continue to be the most trusted e-liquid supplier and our success is ultimately measured by the experience of our customers, partners, employees and our community.  We continually invest in our people, processes and technology enabling us to deliver only the highest quality e-liquids made in Britain – and of course, all of our products are fully TPD compliant. ​

Fun branding and a range of imaginative e-liquids make Vampire Vape perennially popular, stocked in over 90 percent of independent vape stores and an extensive range of leading convenience, forecourt and retail outlets. A range of nicotine strengths and VG ratios, means we offer something for all tastes and needs and you can use them with a full range of kits and tanks.

The brand maintains significant geographical reach and remains the preferred choice of many within the vaping community and where listed we always outperform the category.

Around 31 percent of shoppers now buy vape products from convenience stores. This leaves a large opportunity for convenience stores to convert shoppers into buying vape products in stores. At Vampire Vape, we are positioned as a category leader to educate and support retailers on these ever-changing category trends to ensure they maximise every opportunity and are agile to react to these changing trends in the category.