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Why Nzo wants to be a VApril winner in your store

March 29, 2021

(Credit: Nzo)

Nzo is one of the latest vape brands to emerge on the market in recent years. Here we find out why the firm believes VApril is a great time to invest in its range

As VApril approaches, convenience stores should be looking to take advantage of the rise in sales in the vape category since lockdown and the shift to closed pod systems over more traditional open devices. The key for business owners is to partner with brands that support education for the consumer looking to switch.

Retailers need to be aware that flavour choice is a high priority when consumers are looking to switch from cigarettes. Stores should be looking to stock a brand that has a breadth of flavour choice for the consumer. This supports Nzo Vape’s ambition to help retailers develop into other category solutions under one high-margin brand.

Nicotine strength variation is also important for educating those consumers looking at vape as a path to become 100 percent nicotine free. Vape customers also follow brands and we have a range of partner brands such as Pukka Juice, Zeus Juice and Pacha Mama. Collaborating with leading e-liquids brands means we can bring consumers a selection of premium liquids flavours across two strengths. In a declining tobacco category, retailers need to support consumers’ change in buying habits by investing in brands that are in demand and offer a higher margin.

(Credit: Nzo)

Meanwhile, even though the shift to closed pod systems grew in 2020, Nzo also launched its very own 10ml e-liquid. With ten flavours, the range extends from the fruity and familiar tastes of Strawberry and Blueberry, to the menthol end of the scale with Strong Menthol and Menthol, which have been expertly blended with complimentary flavours including Mixed Berry Menthol, Blackcurrant Ice and Blackcurrant Lemonade.

To help stores capitalise on this investment, we have partnered with Vape Stop to provide a total category solution for retailers stocking everything from closed to open vape systems, 10mls, shortfills and pods. Vape Stop provides an array of solutions so even the smallest store can make use of its gantries.

A solution like this, which provides both merchandising and education that is slim and compact, will see the best results this year. For stores which work with us, this is then supported by regular compliance checks from partners such as Phoenix 2 Retail who, in partnership with Nzo, manage brand availability, promotional execution and retailer education. This ensures higher sales and happier customers.

Ambassador days, meanwhile, also work well. During these events our teams are in store, educating consumers, allowing them to try the products and even providing them with discounts to be used in store.

Finally, to help retailers and their staff deliver informed customer service, we also provide them with “Quick fact Cards” which have illustrated key facts of the most common questions consumers may ask alongside a handy cigarette consumption chart that allows retailers to recommend different products based on the consumers current smoking habits.

Since we first launched into the UK market, Nzo has run an aggressive national campaign with an investment of £4million into UK retailers’ businesses. There is no sign of stopping in 2021.