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Why local shops’ Covid-19 boost has sticking power

October 5, 2020


Trading through a pandemic has provided manifold challenges to convenience retailers, so it is vital – where opportunities arise – that stores grab them with both hands.

“Despite vape stores reopening on 15 June, sales of reduced risk products in traditional retail have remained seven percent higher than pre-lockdown levels,” says Nick Geens, head of reduced risk products at JTI.

Geens says that it has been independent stores which are the biggest winners, retaining growth of 11 percent. He says: “Initially, more people were inclined to visit their local shop because of convenience and perceived safeness. However, shoppers have now become more aware of the wide range of vaping products available to them, and just how easy it is to pick them up in traditional retail.”

This is clearly a game-changer for the category and suggests that vape may have taken a further step up the list of priorities for many store owners. And, as Nick Geens says, this has consequences:

“It is therefore important for retailers to make the most of this opportunity and retain the customers they have served over the last few months by effectively managing their vape offering.”

So, how can you do to capitalise on this unexpected opportunity? How can you get your business ready to step up? Pick up your 23 October issue of Asian Trader to find out.