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We Vape urges people to #TellNicola they support vaping

March 28, 2022


By Swati Rana

In response to the consultation released by the Scottish government to ban advertisement or promotion of vape products, We Vape is running a campaign #TellNicola urging people to reply to the consultation.

Mark Oates, Director at We Vape believes it is important to convey Nicola Sturgeon by responding to the consultation that they support vape and the move of banning ads would only limit the reach of the information to the public, as already there are lots of misinformation around vaping.

“Vaping saves lives. We know this because Public Heath England has declared it 95 per cent safer then smoking while the NHS and Cancer Research UK both agree it is an extremely effective quitting tool,” Mark told Vape Business.

“If Nicola Sturgeon has her way, Scotland will have the strictest laws on vaping in Europe and its chances of hitting the country’s smoke free target of 2034 will be doomed.”

He explains, “A planned ban on advertising e-cigarettes serves only to limit information to the public that could stop them dying from a preventable disease. We know there is a mass of misinformation out there, perpetuated by critics who choose to ignore science and every report that states vaping is a fantastic harm reduction tool. For these reasons, we need people to #TellNicola they support vaping and the ways people can learn about it.”

Sharing his thought on the month-old campaign, Mark said, “We have received hugely positive support from the vaping community since its launch in February- but we want to reach those who are unaware this is even going on.”

“Banning the advertisement of something that saves lives is disgraceful and somewhat sinister. I do not for one second believe if the canny Scottish public knew the level of misinformation pumped out about vaping, they would want an advertising ban.”

We Vape is using social media platforms, including Twitter and its ‘We Vape’ Facebook group.

“We are hopeful our efforts are seen for what they are – a reaction to a grave concern for what the Scottish Government is doing in regards to the health of the nation. There are already severe health disparities between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and mortality rates in some areas that do not belong in a vibrant and successful country. Smoking remains the biggest killer.”

“If enough people #TellNicola this advertising ban on e-cigarettes is unacceptable, we may yet see some common sense and the planned ad restrictions dropped. They are not only pointless, but cause harm – the exact opposite of what the Scottish Government says it is trying to achieve.”

The Scottish government have released a consultation to ban the promotion and advertising of vaping products in Scotland. Mark encourages vapers, “This consultation is the only opportunity we vapers have to stop this awful restriction on the advertising of vape products in Scotland.”

The campaign will be running till April 28, when the consultation ends. People can respond to the consultation here.