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Water-vased Aquios Bar set for Vaper Expo launch

May 20, 2022


Aquios Labs, a new technology firm that enables water-based e-liquid, said it will launch its flagship product, Aquios Bar, at the UK Vaper Expo, which takes place on 27-29 May at the NEC Birmingham.

Made in partnership with vaping major Innokin, Aquios Bar looks to disrupt the disposable vaping space with water-based technology and a user-recyclable design. The device is made from less carbon intensive materials and can be disassembled after use, so individual components can be recycled.

Aquios Bar, which will be available in ten flavours, takes full advantage of the firm’s AQ30 water-based vaping technology, delivering smoother vapour, faster satisfaction and cleaner flavour profiles, which also reduces the dehydrating qualities of vapour.

Aquios Labs claims that AQ30 vape juice can support up to 30 per cent water content, using a combination of specially formulated e-liquid and hardware design. Most traditional vaping devices and e-liquids contain no water at all, and in those that do, the water content is restricted to 3 per cent or less, the firm notes.

The up-and-coming firm hopes the combination of improved performance and sustainable mission will create a real impact with consumers at Europe’s largest vaping exhibition.

“Aquios Bar has a simple mission: reduce the carbon footprint of vaping, while delivering cutting edge water-based vaping technology. We’re confident that once consumers try water-based vaping, they will immediately realise its unique advantages,” Jack Sanders, Aquios Labs co-founder, said.

Earlier, Innokin Technology has announced the launch of Lota, a new sub-brand for water-based vaping devices using Aquios Labs’ AQ30 water-based vaping technology.