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Home News [Watch] PMI launches menthol ban promotional video for IQOS

[Watch] PMI launches menthol ban promotional video for IQOS

April 7, 2020


Philip Morris has launched a video promoting its IQOS menthol ban starter kit to independent convenience retailers. The video features three Bristol-based store owners discussing the advantages of the heat-not-burn system and provides some basic information about the starter kit and IQOS in general.

One of the store owners, Maria Sharma of newsagents Lexie, in central Bristol, said: “Having this option, I don’t think [the menthol ban] will affect us that much. As long as we have something else to offer our customers it’s more than enough”.

Bristol has been at the heart of a “super charged” distribution and marketing push by Philip Morris to highlight the potential for growth of IQOS and heat-not-burn in the UK. Retailers interested in stocking IQOS can find out more information on menthol-ban.co.uk.