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Vyko makes sustainability push with plastic free Paper Bar

September 21, 2022


With disposable vapes see phenomenal growth rates, plastic waste is a major concern as millions of plastic disposables end up in landfill each month. Vyko aims to tackle the issue with the launch of Paper Bar, a 99 per cent plastic-free product.

“We are proud to be the first company to launch a plastic free vaping product that can be easily recycled,” the company said.

“In a category that is selling tens of millions of plastic products a month, most of which will end up in landfill. We are making a difference and so are you, with each product you buy from us.”

The product boasts food grade silicon mouthpiece, FSC-certified paper shell, lithium-ion battery and metal pod tank. It can be recycled by just taking apart the device and recycling the parts separately.

The product comes in ten popular flavours. With a solid battery performance for all-day vaping, the product promises up to 800 puffs to see you through.