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New DRAG products unveiled

September 21, 2022


Chinese vape brand Voopoo has unveiled two new products in its DRAG series: DRAG H80S and DRAG E60.

The brand said the new products are more simplified in design and vaping experience than the previous products of DRAG series, such as DRAG X and DRAG S.

From the compact appearance, air adjusting rotating gear, oil-filling hole and magnetic battery cover, all are integrated into the body of two new products, which is more tactile and comfortable in grip. DRAG H80S is the most compact DRAG ever, with the integrated design making it 15 per cent smaller in size. DRAG E60 boasts special mini shape and streamlined unibody of leather and metal.

The pod of DRAG H80S and DRAG E60 is equipped with adjustable pod airflow, and one only need to rotate the pod to adjust the airflow with asymmetric air inlets. Besides, different from DRAG S and DRAG X, there is no need to pull out the pod or press the silicone plug: just unscrew the cover of mouthpiece, and fill e-liquid from the oil filling hole.

Equipped with 2550mAh built-in large battery, DRAG E60 meets the needs of long-time vaping. DRAG H80S is compatible with single 18650 external battery.

The two products have the innovative ECO mode, providing more lasting vaping experience. Activating the ECO Mode enlarges 10 per cent more vaping puffs, which meet the needs under low battery capacity. When the battery capacity is 40 per cent left, the interface will indicate the ECO Mode button, and the user can choose whether to enter.

DRAG H80S and DRAG E60 are designed with the airway with a basin structure, which gathers smooth and soft airflow. The basin also holds the condensate for easier cleaning.

The new PnP coil was ingeniously upgraded in structure design, in which the Dual in One Tech fastens the temperature rise and effectively atomizes every e-liquid and realizes a rich cloud and fine taste. Meanwhile, it improves the atomisation efficiency by consuming less e-liquid.

The standard edition of the both products has a capacity of 4.5ml, over the maximum capacity prescribed in the UK, but DRAG H80S has a TPD version with 2ml capacity.