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Home News Voopoo creates ‘world’s biggest’ vape graffiti in London

Voopoo creates ‘world’s biggest’ vape graffiti in London

May 11, 2022

Voopoo Graffiti in London's Leake Street Tunnel (Photo: Business Wire)

Leading e-cigarette brand has teamed up with renowned graffiti artist Woskerski to create a visual feast of street art in London with his impactful graffiti.

Based on the Voopoo brand symbol ∞, Woskerski created a huge graffiti with a focus on Voopoo’s new product Argus GT 2, which perfectly integrated vapors, and the brand symbol.

It was fully incorporated into London’s Leake Street Tunnel, bringing out a very characteristic energy and charm. Thousands of people were attracted to witness the creation process, and many Internet celebrities launched live streaming to interact with Voopoo fans.

In addition to the giant graffiti in London, another artist also launched the graffiti creation of the Voopoo giant infinity symbol recently in the Kalijodo Park in Jakarta, Indonesia, which attracted a lot of Indonesian fans.