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Vaporesso kicks off 8th anniversary celebrations

August 18, 2023


Leading vaping brand Vaporesso is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a series of online events and giveaways.

Themed ‘Innovating Brilliance, Forging Dreams Beyond’, the event unfolds with two key events on the official website today (August 18), and runs through September 18.

Firstly, an interactive event, Global Dream Encounter, will offer an insight into how Vaporesso is making a positive impact on its community through innovation and dreams. Young representatives from diverse fields have come forward to share their stories with Vaporesso, offering their unique perspectives on innovation and dream pursing.

The second event, Wishful Skies Draw, embodies the pursuit of beautiful aspirations. In the spirit of Vaporesso’s 8th anniversary, customers are invited to join the unique paper plane journey. After submitting their wishes through the game, users will be randomly assigned a paper airplane as the draw result, with each paper airplane representing different prizes. Users will immediately receive a notification of the winning result.

The initiative aims to gather the dreams of valued consumers and inspire them with the brand’s future aspirations. The game administrator will update the wish map daily, showcasing the wish situations across all continents. The event’s prizes include a MacBook Air, six pairs of AirPods, forty Summeresso Kits.

Alongside the website-based activities, Vaporesso is also running e-commerce promotions and social media giveaways, with a special focus on the pre-sale of the new product, LUXE X PRO. The promotion includes a tier-based discount system ranging from 15 per cent to 25 per cent based on the order amount, double membership points for purchasing LUXE X PRO, and a chance to win the new LUXE X PRO through giveaways on social media platforms.