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Vaporesso announces new e-liquid brand and Europe office

April 2, 2024


Vaping brand Vaporesso has unveiled its strategy upgrade last week, extending the brand’s product categories and establishing a branch in Europe.

Announced at the Vaporesso Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference of Europe in Paris on 24 March, the upgrade will see the brand building a comprehensive service ecosystem and intensifying the development of localised operations within Europe.

With several European governments actively considering restrictions on the sale of disposable vapes, Vaporesso, a leading brand in the global open-system vaping sector, is expanding from open-system categories to include e-liquid products under its e-liquid brand Deliciu.

Deliciu, positioned as a leading global e-liquid service brand, focuses on delivering unparalleled taste by authentically replicating original flavors using high-quality raw materials and top-tier manufacturing standards.

With this comprehensive service ecosystem, Vaporesso aims to flourish across more categories, while continuously enhancing services, pursuing product innovation, and striving to deliver an expanded range of premium products to consumers.

Vaporesso’s European branch will serve as the central hub for the brand’s operation in Europe, working in close coordination with the headquarters in Shenzhen.

The branch will establish three centres including European Flavor and Sensory Research Centre, European Product Design Centre, and European Marketing Centre for sustained growth and expansion in Europe.

With this strategic upgrade, Vaporesso said it is ready to pursue a wider range of business collaborations with partners. In addition, Vaporesso intends to enhance the capabilities of retail stores, improving the shopping experience for consumers and supporting the growth of retail partners.