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Vaping brand Zovoo unveils Gene Tree Special Edition ceramic core

July 14, 2022


Chinese vape brand Zovoo has unveiled new nano-tech ceramic core, named Gene Tree Special Edition.

The brand said the independently developed technology is dedicated to becoming a leader in atomisation technology through nano-microcrystalline materials and technological innovation, providing users with a natural and pleasant vaping experience.

Compared with previous ceramic cores, Zovoo Gene Tree Special Edition has “powder-free” ceramic core proprietary patented technology, which the brand described as an industry first. This breaks the bottleneck of sticking and dropping powder in the traditional ceramic core, realising real powder free puff experience and truly enjoying the purity of every puff.

Under 25 times microscope, Gene Tree ceramic core has no surface powder, and meanwhile, the high intensity ceramic formed in 1,300°C temperature guarantees the powder-free effects, protecting users’ health.

Zovoo R&D team has also developed the industry’s first Multilayer Microhole Structure by ceramic materials grading, ensuring strong e-liquid control, while providing users with mute vaping. It solves the pain points that users are most concerned about, such as frying oil, poor stability, low service life, oil leakage and other problems that seriously affect the taste and use experience.

Gene Tree Special Edition also offers the superb substitute mouthfeel, by increasing the overall substitution by 26 per cent and increases the consistency of taste by 60 per cent, when compared with other ceramic coils.

“This is Zovoo newly upgraded nano-microcrystalline ceramic core, Gene Tree Special Edition, gives disposable products a new experience of pure inhalation, mute and non-scalding, smooth and delicate, and super-substitute,” the brand said.

“While breaking through technical barriers and deepening technological innovation, Zovoo also released a new disposable product equipped with this technology, DRAGBAR Z700 GT, which opens a new era of ultra-thin ceramic cores and reconstructs a new lightweight experience.”