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VapeStation’s Lucas Bartram on planning for VApril

March 1, 2021

The Aspire Minican is among the devices featured in the VapeStation range (Credit: Real Trading Ltd)

How can you make sure your business is ready for this year’s VApril campaign? Lucas Bartram, head of VapeStation at Real Trading Ltd, gives Vape Business some top tips 

VB: How should stores be investing in the run up to VApril 2021?

LB: Convenience stores should now be looking at category management solutions rather than individual brands. Focusing on an offer such as this ticks all the boxes in terms of display solution, range of products included and offers and promotions at key times of the year.

VB: What customer knowledge and trends do retailers and their staff need to be aware of to fully capitalise on VApril?

LB: A current trend in the market is pod mods. These are simple and convenient devices that are an easy starter kit for any new vapers.

VB: What is the best advice you can provide stores with to build up their vape sales in 2021?

LB: Make sure you have dedicated enough space for vape, although the products themselves are relatively small in size, having a big enough range of brands, flavours and strengths is imperative.

VB: What merchandising options are most effective for growing sales?

LB: Our back-lit VapeStation display units are very effective in highlighting the vape range and driving sales, we see consistently positive results from implementing these units in new and existing sites.

VB: What other assistance can your team provide stores which are stocking your products?

LB: We have periodic ‘range reviews’ with our customers, we analyse sales data and swap out any slow lines, we also enhance the offering of fast selling lines to maximise sales opportunities.

VB: Why should stores focus on e-liquids in 2021?

LB: E-liquids is the key product in any vape display, vapers consume more e-liquid than devices or coils so it makes sense to focus more on 10ml liquids, shortfill and nic shots. However, it is still important to offer devices and coils to capture new vapers, and maximise the share of wallet of existing customers.