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Vapes worth £160,000 stolen from Scottish wholesaler

June 11, 2024

Photo: iStock

A Glasgow-based wholesaler is facing financial ruin after his van full of vape stock worth of £160,000 was stolen in a petrol stop heist.

Khalid Javed, who runs Unity Cash and Carry in Kinning Park, was making his way back to Glasgow from Manchester with £160,000 of e-cigarettes when he pulled into a garage. As he was topping up tyres of his car, a brazen gang drove off the vehicle, reports said.

“I had around £160,000 of stock in my van. I can’t sleep — I’m going to lose my business. I never thought anything like this could happen,” The Scottish Sun quoted Javed as saying.

Javed said he normally receives deliveries to his warehouse, but drove to Manchester with a friend on 30 April. The businessman believes thugs may have followed them, before they snatched his fully-loaded van.

He said one of the men threatened his friend at the garage and forced him out of the van by pretending to have a weapon concealed under his top. Javed was forced to look on as the gang drove his van away from the service station.

Police were called and initially tracked the van on an app because a phone had been left in the vehicle before the signal vanished.

The company director has since been told his personal insurance will only cover £5,000 of his stolen stock, while there has been no trace of his £23,000 VW Crafter van.

Javed believes his vapes might be moved on the black market.

He added, “I’m struggling for stock now. The suppliers are not helping because I already have to pay them. I just hope the police can catch the thieves and get my stock back.”