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Vape tech brand Feelm plans major UK recycling drive

April 20, 2023


Feelm, part of Smoore, one of the world’s leading vape technology companies, said it is all set to launch a new recycling scheme in the UK.

The company added that it is in advanced discussions with a global brand owner regarding a joint roll out.

The scheme, which will be dedicated to a new environmentally friendly product the company is launching in May, will involve a household collection service.

Feelm said it will be the first time an original equipment manufacturer has led on a recycling scheme which is not a regulatory obligation for this type of business.

The development comes as the government has announced a consultation on vaping which spans a broad range of themes including the impact of vaping products on the environment and how manufacturers are working to mitigate the problem.

“We are currently finalising plans to create a comprehensive and integrated whole-chain recycling system to address the escalating issue of disposable vapes being carelessly discarded,” Echo Liu, director of Europe at Smoore, said.

“We are aware of the potential harm of vapes ending up in landfills, so working with our brand, collection, retail and waste partners, we have taken the responsibility for implementing a scheme that will facilitate vape recycling to a fuller extent, thereby minimising the environmental impact of our products.”

Liu noted that whilst product innovation by companies in the vape market such as Smoore is critical in maximising the recycling and reuse of disposable vapes in the future, just as vital is the need to get consumers to participate in the environmental disposal of the products.

“It’s why we are trialling such a convenient service that makes recycling so easy for those who buy our manufactured products,” she said.

Trials of the service will take place in a number of UK cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester, with the aim to extend the programme nationwide if it is successful.

Smoore said it is investing millions of pounds in R&D, focused on sourcing and integrating green materials into its product design programme to create more sustainable solutions. Last year the company secured a Red Dot Award for international design for the development of a new vape product, which made extensive use of recyclable and reusable paper and aluminium foil to replace plastic.

The company’s green investment extends beyond device development. As part of its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050 it has recently reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 16 per cent and water consumption by 9.4 per cent in its production facilities. Investment in more efficient automated warehouses have also played a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions by 1,400 tonnes and decreasing electricity utilisation by 40 per cent.

“We are committed to a greener future, we are making significant headway, but we recognise there is still a way to go to ensuring we minimise the impact of our disposable products and this will necessitate a joined up approach between manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry, consumers and regulators,” Liu commented.