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Vape shop shock: retailers ‘not essential’ in lock down

March 24, 2020


The vape shop industry is reeling this morning as the industry failed to appear on a list of essential retailers given permission to trade despite the three-week lockdown announced by Boris Johnson.

Exceptions have been made for a range of business including food shops, pet food shops, petrol stations and even bicycle shops and hardware stores.

This morning Twitter has been full of condemnation and some uncertainty.

John Dunne, director of industry association the UKVIA said the closure of speciality vape shops “has the potential to reverse 10 years of success”.



Meanwhile Vaper Expo, the account attached to one of Europe’s largest vaping exhibitions, wanted more clarity:

The apparent decision to snub vape shops comes as a surprise because it is in contrast to other countries such as Italy, Spain and Sweden which have seen the smoking cessation benefits of vaping as strong enough reasoning for keeping the industry trading.


The decision isn’t stopping many business pledging to meet customers’ needs, with online ordering services remaining operational in most cases and some business setting up Lockdown-friendly delivery services.

The hope for the industry will be a government U-turn on the decision and what is clear from the past few days is that any decision the government makes is fluid. In the meantime, it has just got a lot more vital that local shops and convenience stores stock a comprehensive range of vape options for people living under lockdown.

More, of course, as we get it.