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Home News Vape Club offers £500 cash to smokers if they successfully quit

Vape Club offers £500 cash to smokers if they successfully quit

October 29, 2022


Leading online vape retailer Vape Club has announced a Cash to Quit Challenge, offering five people £500 in cash if they quit smoking this November.

The initiative follows recent research by the University of East Anglia, which found that half of all smokers quit when given a financial incentive.

With 20 cigarettes now costing between £9.50 and £13, smokers are spending an eye-watering £3,500 to £5000 per year on their habit. This equates to over £330 a month, as energy prices remain high and interest rates are predicted to rise further, the retailer noted.

To take part, smokers must be 21 or over and enter their email address in the entry form on the terms and conditions page. Vape Club will then choose five participants at random, inviting them to attend four virtual quitting smoking consultations for users looking to switch to vaping conducted by smoking cessation experts. To chart their progress and help inspire other quitters, participants will record one video a week during their quitting journey in November.

Participants who submit four videos and complete the quitting sessions will receive £500 in cash. Smokers can apply to take part until Sunday, 30 October.

“Stoptober is a great opportunity to quit smoking if you’re looking to stub it out. Over two million smokers have used the initiative, now in its 10th year, to give quitting a go. With people feeling the pinch as the cost of living rises and rises, we wanted to offer both our expertise and financial support to help people quit – and save thousands each year,” Dan Marchant, director at Vape Club, said.

“We really hope this challenge will motivate more people to quit smoking this year. Not only can it have huge financial benefits, but it’s also the best thing smokers can do for their health.”