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Home News Tory MP Caroline Johnson introduces bill to ban disposable vapes

Tory MP Caroline Johnson introduces bill to ban disposable vapes

February 9, 2023

Caroline Johnson (Photo: UK Parliament)

Dr. Caroline Johnson, Tory MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, has on Wednesday (8 February) introduced a private member’s bill to prohibit the sale of disposable vapes.

Moving the Ten Minute Rule bill in the House of Commons, Dr. Johnson has pointed out issues like non-smokers and teenagers taking up the product and the environmental waste generated by the disposable vapes.

“I know that the government are committed to achieving a smoke-free generation by 2030, but disposable vapes are adding little to reusable ones in this regard. Indeed, their greatest risk is creating a new generation of nicotine addicts. I fear that a new national health crisis is brewing under our noses,” she said.

“By banning the sale of disposable vapes, we will encourage a more sustainable way of utilising e-cigarettes as quitting aids and make vaping less accessible to children, preventing an epidemic of teenage nicotine addicts and protecting our planet.”

The bill will now be read a second time on 24 March.

Recently, the Scottish government has commissioned an urgent review of the environmental impacts and management of single-use vapes, saying that the review will inform potential policy responses, which could include a ban of the products.