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The Vape Business Big Quiz of 2020

December 14, 2020

London's New Year firework display (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As this strange, historic and unique year comes to a close, Vape Business has put together a fun and informative quiz to test your vape knowledge. How well do you remember the vape and next generation product news of 2020?

  1. Which of these is not a new flavour of HEETs?

a. Teak

Credit: IQOS

b. Sienna Caps

c. Sandalwood

Answer: c

There are now eight variants of IQOS’s HEETs available in the UK. These include new arrivals Sienna Caps, its first capsule stick, and Teak. There is yet to be any sign of a sandalwood variety, however.


2. What is EDGE Hybrid’s USP according to its manufacturers?

a. It is the first ever glow-in-the-dark vape

Credit: Edge

b. It is the first filtered vape on the market

c. It doubles as a mobile phone

Answer: b

According to EDGE, 37 percent of smokers who want to quit and have tried vaping are put off transitioning by the unfamiliar feel of most vape device’s mouthpieces. With disposable filter tips, EDGE Hybrid aims to help smokers make the leap away from combustible cigarettes for good.


3. Swedish Match launched a new hot drink-inspired flavour of its ZYN pouches in 2020. What was it?

a. Espresso

Credit: Swedish Match

b. Earl Grey Tea

c. Hot chocolate

Answer: a

ZYN Espressino has been created by Scandinavian Snus brand Swedish Match as the firm looks to grow its portfolio and distribution in the UK. Among its big achievements for 2020 was signing up for distribution in 1,298 Sainsburys stores nationwide.


4. What is the name of BAT’s yet-to-launch heat not burn system?

a. Glo

Credit: BAT

b. Gro

c. Blo

Answer: a.

It is yet to arrive in the UK but BAT has already conducted studies on the impact of its Glo system on smokers in the UK and worldwide. The results showed that the effect of using Glo on air quality, hygiene and teeth staining were equivalent to those of fresh air.


5. What upcoming opportunity to improve vape legislation did MP Mark Pawsey identify in an interview with Vape Business?

Mark Pawsey MP, Chair of the APPG for Vaping

a. Roll out of a COVID-19 vaccine

b. Brexit

c. Tokyo Olympics

Answer: b.

In an exclusive interview with Vape Business, Mark Pawsey identified the UK leaving the EU as a key opportunity to improve legislation around vaping. However, he also emphasised that the UK would maintain its world class safety standards: “Whatever legislative changes [the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping] may propose, I know that all MPs will want to ensure the very highest levels of safety for all vaping products to protect consumers.”   


6. Which firm is behind the iconic Heisenberg flavour e-liquid?

a. Ghoul vapes

Credit: Flavour Warehouse

b. Halloween vapes

c. Vampire vapes

Answer: c

According to the company’s sales director Anthony Moses, Vampire Vapes is “without doubt best known for our flavour Heisenberg, which was originally created in 2014, this famous e-liquid remains one of the best-selling flavours in the UK vape category”.


7. According to JTI’s head of Logic and reduced risk products Nick Geens what do village stores need to focus on to succeed?

a. Building knowledge about their customer base

Nick Geen is JTI’s head of reduced-risk products (Credit: JTI)

b. Stocking every product available on the market

c. Running cross-promotions with livestock feed

Answer: a

According to Geens, “for shops that are more remote, it’s vital that retailers build a relationship with their existing customer base. Once a retailer knows their customers and their needs, then it is much easier to develop a range that caters for them”.


8. According to the Cochrane Institute how effective are e-cigarettes as a quitting tool?

a. Twice as effective as nicotine-replacement therapies (NRTs)

b. 70 percent more effective than NRTs

c. About the same as NRTs

Answer: b

The review of evidence from around the world suggests that e-cigarettes really do help more people quit smoking. Reacting to the results, Dr Ruth Sharrock, respiratory consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead said: “I see patients in clinic and on the wards, who are battling the complications of smoking-related diseases every day. Many have never tried using e-cigarettes, despite there being growing evidence that this might be a more successful way to reduce harm from tobacco for smokers who have failed with other quit methods.”


9. Which tobacco firm bought the distribution rights for the Korean lil Hybrid heated tobacco device in 2020?

a. Philip Morris

b. Imperial

c. British American Tobacco

Answer: a

Announcing the deal, PMI’s chief executive André Calantzopoulos said: “The commercialisation of KT&G’s products outside of South Korea will complement our already strong smoke-free portfolio, providing adult smokers with an even broader range of taste, price and technology options.”


10. According to Action on Smoking and Health, how many of the UK’s 6.9 million current smokers have never tried a vape product?

a. A tenth

Two young children being subjected to the effects of passive smoking from their mother’s cigarette.

b. A quarter

c. A third

Answer: c

There are still millions of smokers out there who have never even tried a vape product highlighting the huge opportunity for convenience stores – where both tobacco and vape tends to be sold – to help their customers transition away from combustible cigarettes.


11. What date did the ban on sales of menthol-flavoured tobacco come into force in the UK?

a. 20 May

The new menthol ban communication campaign has both trade and consumer focused elements

b. 20 April

c. 20 March

Answer: a

Thanks to the full-on oddness of 2020, the menthol ban now seems like it was a million years ago. It arrived in May at a time when the country was in the middle of its first and strictest lockdown measures. It meant that the removal of menthol bans didn’t get the public attention it might have. Yet, suppliers have produced a range of menthol starter kits which continue to offer smokers a simple and cost effective way of trialling vape or heat-not-burn systems.

 12. Vape brand JUUL recommends staff use the acronym S.T.A.R. to ensure they maintain responsible retailing standards. What does S.T.A.R. stand for? 

Credit: JUUL

a. Speak, Tell, Analyse, Reject

b. Stop, Think, Ask, Refuse

c. Stand Tall, Alert Reps

Answer: b

In a busy store, staff understandably want to keep queues moving fast but JUUL’s advice to stop, think, ask and reject a sale if a customer looks under 25 and cannot produce ID is vital in a category such as vaping. This year has created huge pressure for sales staff, thanks to social distancing measures, and this advice is more essential than ever.



8 or more: Well done, you are well on the way to becoming a vape expert. In this fast-moving category, keeping up to date with the latest products and trends is vital for success

4 to 7: You’re obviously working hard to become a successful vape retailer. As 2021 nears, why not make this category a priority for development in the year ahead?

0 to 3: Looks like you’re at the beginning of your vape journey. Stores with the most knowledge are best placed to win customers and Vape Business is here to help.