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Switching to E-cigs could fetch you a Ferrari!

August 31, 2018

Photo: iStock

A typical smoker could save enough money to buy a Ferrari, a private island or a house if they switch to vaping, according to new research by retailer E-Cigarette Direct.

The average smoker has an 11-cigarette-a-day habit, as per the official figures, which translates to four packs of 20 per week. Using one of the cheapest brands as an example (Rothmans Navy Blue), maintaining this habit costs £1,664 per year or an incredible £93,184 over a lifetime.

Based on an equivalent level of consumption, the cost of buying one e-cigarette, one charger, one tank, 12 coils and 104 (10ml) bottles of e-liquid, comes out at just £404.50 per year.

This represents an annual saving of £1,260 compared to cigarettes and if a 25 year-old smoker – the age with the highest proportion of current smokers – switched to vaping, they would save at least £70,532 over the rest of their lifetime, typically another 56 years, based on the average UK life expectancy.

That’s enough to pay for a house but, for those who can’t wait, it will still cover a ‘Round The World’ plane ticket every year.

A six-stop round the world ticket with exotic destinations including Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore comes in at £1,139, meaning one could afford to do this every year after switching.

However, the biggest savings come over time, offering the chance to buy once-in-a-lifetime luxuries such as a Ferrari 360 Spider sports car which, at £69,950, will leave the new owner with £582 change.

You could buy a terraced house in popular West Yorkshire hotspot Bradford and still have cash left over.

And ex-smokers could even consider buying their very own private island, with ‘The Island beside Whispering Trees’ in Nova Scotia, Canada coming in at just £58,517.

“While the negative impact smoking has on health is widely known, this shows how crippling it can be to people’s financial health too,” comments James Dunworth, Chairman, E-Cigarette Direct.

E-Cigarette Direct has developed a calculator so smokers can find out exactly how much they would save taking into account their cigarette habits and age. You can find the calculator here.