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Snus helps smokers quit smoking, reveals study

April 25, 2022

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A study has revealed that ‘snus’ was the most common and effective smoking cessation tool.

Conducted by researchers Ingeborg Lund and Marianne Lund, of The Norwegian Institute of Public Health conclude that successful attempts to quit “were strongly related to the use of snus,” further evidence demonstrating that snus helps smokers quit.

The study looked at methods and strategies used by Norwegians who had made at least one attempt to kick their habit.

The data used was based on a cross-section of responses (from 2017-2020) to the annual Norwegian Tobacco Survey – and involved people aged 20 or over who were, or had been, smoking on a daily basis.

The report stated that When exclusive use was separated from the combined use of cessation aids, only snus was linked with successful attempts to stop smoking.

“Our findings that successful quits were strongly related to the use of snus are likely related to the fact that Norway has a long tradition of snus use. Snus has now replaced cigarette smoking as the most prevalent form of daily tobacco use in the population,” the researchers said.

“The association between using snus as a cessation aid and successful quits adds to previous findings from Norway, and supports the notion that availability of snus might have facilitated a decline in smoking.”

“This research shows what many Swedes already know, that snus helps to reduce smoking,” says Patrik Strömer, Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers.

“Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any Swedish researchers who have taken an interest in further exploring the link between snus use and reduced smoking.”

The Norwegian researchers admit more research is needed to better understand why snus helps smokers quit. However, they theorize that nicotine content may be part of the explanation.

According to the study, the nicotine content and duration of use of snus may provide nicotine in an amount that is similar to cigarette smoking, avoiding or reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms when quitting cigarettes.