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Smokers need more quit options, says JUUL

December 18, 2020

Credit: JUUL Labs

Smokers should have access to more alternatives to combustible tobacco, according to leading vape manufacture JUUL Labs.

The call comes as a new poll of UK smokers shows that nearly half have admitted to smoking more during the pandemic

Around 41 per cent of smokers polled stated they were smoking more at home compared to three months ago, prompting fears of a double whammy impact as passive smoking rates were rising in homes across the UK.

“This survey shows that many adult smokers are not just working from home, but smoking from home too — and at far greater levels,” John Patterson, Sales Director of Juul Labs UK said.

The data is based on a survey of 3,222 Britons, commissioned by e-cigarette company Juul Labs, which revealed that despite many advantages of home working – including arguably a better work/life balance – it has also made it far easier for employees to “slip into old habits”.

“It is vital that every smoker is provided with the latest advice and support to help them give up cigarettes for good,” said John Patterson, sales director at Juul Labs, adding:

“To be clear, Juul Labs as a company believes smokers should first and foremost quit. And those who have not successfully quit should completely switch to potentially less harmful alternative nicotine products.”

According to Patterson, the vaping category in the UK continues to grow with closed systems now the leading sector — and growth driver — in the vaping category having overtaken open systems in August. However, independent retailers are yet to fully capitalise on this opportunity. According to IRI, symbols’ and independents’ share of the closed pod category hovers at around 30 percent, compared to 70 percent in multiple retailers who were early adopters of the technology.

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