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SKE unveils updated version of Crystal Bar closed pod with recycling campaign

November 14, 2023


Leading global vape brand SKE has launched a brand new version of its best-selling SKE Crystal Bar closed pod system, revamped with an adjustable airflow to provide a truly personalised vaping experience.

Launched last month, the new SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Adjustment Edition features a button on the base of the device to allow consumers to set the airflow to their own preferences.

Its launch comes amid intense pressure on the UK government to act over growing concerns about the environmental effects of vapes, especially single use devices. A recent study from Material Focus revealed that five million vapes are thrown away weekly in the UK.

SKE said it is also acutely aware of its responsibility as a major manufacturer to help address the environmental impact of vape products, adding that it is about to unveil both traditional and novel ways of doing so.

The brand has teamed up with leading UK recycling organisation Recover to roll out of 50 e-cigarette eco-recycling bins to retailers in London and Manchester, ensuring a transparent and accountable recycling process.

SKE is also running a high-profile UK public education campaign in three major cities to encourage the country’s vapers to recycle their used devices.

Strategically placed electronic billboards in high traffic areas of London, Birmingham and Manchester will carry ‘Trash to Treasure’ messaging to encourage consumers to help the planet by recycling used vapes rather than throwing them away.

The electronic billboard campaign, which runs until the end of December, features screens outside London’s Notting Hill Gate underground station, Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre and Manchester’s Arndale Centre.

In January, SKE is planning to unveil its first eco-friendly SKE KLAX B600 disposable product line, made from 100 per cent biodegradable kraft paper and designed for easy disassembly where the batteries and pods can be efficiently recycled after use.

“As the Material Focus research has shown, there is no doubt that consumers must be encouraged to dispose of their used devices responsibly and we want to help them do exactly that,” SKE brand director Zhou Ying said.

“The electronic billboard campaign will show consumers that it really does not take very much effort to dispose of their used devices responsibly and help bring these alarming numbers down.”

SKE said there was no reason why adults cannot get the devices that help them quit smoking and stay off cigarettes while also being aware of the environmental impact at the same time.

The new SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Adjustment Edition is being launched in the UK and some EU countries including Germany, France and the Netherlands. It comes in 15 flavours including Lemon Lime, Watermelon Ice and Blueberry Raspberry.