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Home News Several Wakefield stores warned over underage vape sales

Several Wakefield stores warned over underage vape sales

March 23, 2022

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An operation targeting stores in Wakefield saw eight premises receive written warnings for selling alcohol and vapes to under-18s.

Around 20 stores across Wakefield central were targeted on Friday during the joint operation with Wakefield City Council and Police Licencing, which saw the team carry out test purchasing for alcohol and vapes.

Eight licenced premises failed, with one premises facing further investigation.

The officers were accompanied by police cadets, who assisted during the operation.

“This operation was a great success and highlights just how determined we are to actively seek out premises who are breaching licencing regulations,” Inspector Paul Fraser, of Wakefield Central NPT, said.

“In addition to this, the operation also brought to light just how many premises do not take the proper steps to check that the people they were serving were legally allowed to purchase alcohol or vapes.”

Fraser added that the stores that found to be in breach of licencing regulations will now face large fines and legal challenges to their license.

“Our NPT take this very seriously and will continue with our proactive approach to stop any unlawful practice and we will continue to carry out operations like this to ensure that licenced premises across the district are adhering to the law and taking the necessary steps to prevent young people having access to alcohol and vapes,” Fraser said.