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Scotland to consider potential ban of disposable vapes

January 20, 2023

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Scottish government will consider a ban on single-use disposable vapes following an evidence review by experts, Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has said.

Replying to a question on the impact of vapes on public health, Yousaf told the Scottish Parliament that the government is working to review a range of evidence that is available, which will influence the refreshed  Tobacco Action Plan due to be published in autumn later this year.

“We’ll ask stakeholders with relevant expertise to examine the evidence and assess what action the Scottish government and other partners should take. And that will include consideration of a potential ban,” Yousaf said.

Raising the issue in the parliament, Green MSP Gillian Mackay pointed out the issue of environmental waste generated by single use vapes, calling for the ban of the product. SNP’s Siobhian Brown has also joined the debate, mentioning the issue of youth vaping and advertising of the vape products.

Yousaf replied that these issues will also be part of the review, apart from the public health issues.

“Clearly we know that there is evidence that young people and a number of young people who would not have considered smoking a cigarette are taking up vaping. There is concern about the advertising, particularly in social media platforms, as well as other platforms too. So that should absolutely be part of the consideration that have already referenced,” he added.

Last year, Scottish government has launched a consultation to determine public views on the banning of vape advertising, saying that reducing “exposure to advertising and promotion of vape products is the best way to protect” people who do not smoke, as well as “young people and children from being enticed to experiment” with vaping.

The feedback from the consultation, however, showed that there is no majority of support for the recommendations put forward by the government.