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Revealed: The day most New Year’s quit attempts fail

February 1, 2021


Retailers are being urged to support their customers’ quitting attempts as research by Yonder Consulting, on behalf of Philip Morris, shows smokers last an average of 53 days before their quitting attempt fails.

This means that 23 February is the day when the average smoker trying to quit this year will abandon their attempt.

Highlighting the gravity of the challenge that many face when kicking the habit, the research also shows that almost half of those who make a resolution to quit last only a week or less. Around 54 percent of those who have previously tried to quit still tell people they have stopped, even after they resume smoking

Christian Woolfenden, managing director of Philip Morris Limited in the UK and Ireland, said:

“Many smokers need support when they want to give up cigarettes for good. Those that don’t quit should be given every opportunity to succeed in becoming smoke-free with access to the facts about smoke-free alternatives, like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, which are a better choice than continued smoking.”

For retailers, supporting customers as they quit provides a valuable opportunity to build loyalty and sales of next generation products, which comes to an end as soon as a smoker falters in their attempt. Smokers wait an average of 216 days before making another attempt to stop, the research suggests.

The survey data also shows a number of interesting regional variations in the success of quitting attempts. Having made a resolution to quit, smokers in the West Midlands and Greater London are the first to start smoking again – with the average person in those areas lasting 33 days. Smokers in the East of England demonstrate more willpower, claiming that they last on average 102 days before taking up smoking again.