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REVEALED: Best cities for independent vape shops

March 22, 2024

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A new report from SumUp, the leading global fintech company, has revealed the best cities in the UK for independent vape shops to thrive.

Manchester and Salford bagged the first and third place, proving the North West vaping market is thriving. London came in at second place.

The study took into consideration numerous factors including the number of independent vaping stores and tobacconists in each city and their average review score.

Manchester tops the list as the best UK city for independent vape shops, with a total score of 2.96. Home to 143 stores, the independent e-cigarette industry is thriving in the north western city, and customers appear to love their local vape shops, as the average review score for Manchester’s vaping stores is 4.53 out of five.

London was ranked the second best UK city for independent vaping stores and tobacconists, with an overall score of 2.72. There are surprisingly less independent stores in the capital compared to Manchester, with 130 in total, despite being a much larger city. It’s important to note, however, the study doesn’t take into account chains or franchises, which there are many of in London.

Manchester’s neighbouring city, Salford, is named the third best city for independent vaping stores, suggesting there is extremely high demand for e-cigarettes in the north west. Salford has 99 independent vaping shops, with an average review score of 4.28, which is a substantial amount for the small size of the city.

“We’re rooted in supporting independent businesses beyond financial technology. By understanding and spotlighting the best cities in the UK for businesses to thrive, we’re aiming to provide valuable insights to entrepreneurs,” Corin Camenisch, product marketing lead at SumUp, commented.

“Whilst the sheer number of independent businesses in each city is a crucial part of our research, the quality of the businesses reflected by customer reviews is a powerful indicator of both success and satisfaction within each city.”

Top 10 cities for independent vape shops and tobacconists:

Rank City Total Score
1 Manchester 2.96
2 London 2.72
3 Salford 2.44
4 Birmingham 2.24
5 Leeds 1.69
6 Newcastle 1.56
7 Glasgow 1.52
8 Wells 1.50
9 Belfast 1.49
10 Nottingham 1.48