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RELX makes bid to give retailers path to VApril success

March 29, 2021

The RELX Infinity device (Credit: RELX)

Micaela Sangiovanni, senior trade marketing manager at RELX, tells Vape Business why the brand is well placed to help stores capitalise on this year’s VApril campaign

VApril represents a great opportunity for retailers to leverage on the category awareness generated by the campaign, while ensuring they have the right ranging and tools to support adult smokers who want to make the switch.

(Credit: RELX)

According to smoke free charity ASH, the proportion of current vapers that are ex-smokers has grown year-on-year reaching 59 percent in 2020 with the main reason given for using e-cigarettes being to help them quit smoking.

Our brand, RELX, targets existing smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke and are looking for better alternatives to cigarettes, as well as adult vapers who are looking to upgrade their vaping experience.

The range specialises in closed-system e-cigarettes designed to be easy to use, with outstanding quality and with a wide range of different flavours across fruit, tobacco, mint, and other varieties to choose from.

To support this, we have a dedicated team of sales representatives that serve stores across London and Birmingham. They work together with retailers supporting them in anything that they need and providing different tools, sell-in deals, as well as premium point of sales materials to enhance the visibility of the product.

At the moment, we are seeing that closed-system vapes are gaining traction at the expense of their open-system counterparts. Adult smokers looking for a better alternative will most likely look for a device that is discreet, easy to carry and intuitive to use and, for us, that is exactly what the RELX range offers.