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Home News Relx, Kiwi incorporate Feelm’s new ceramic coil disposable tech offering increased puff count

Relx, Kiwi incorporate Feelm’s new ceramic coil disposable tech offering increased puff count

May 17, 2023

Johnny Zhang, assistant president at Feelm speaking at the Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham

Vape tech brand Feelm revealed that leading brands Relx and Kiwi Vapor have already incorporated its groundbreaking ceramic coil disposable solution in their latest single use products.

Feelm added that more companies are set to follow suit as it has received “significant orders” for the new groundbreaking coil from world’s leading vape brands.

The brand has unveiled its new innovative disposable vape solution Feelm Max Ceramic Coil S1, which sets a new totally-compliant 800-puff benchmark for a 2ml tank, at the Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham on Saturday (May 13).

The brand said the new third generation cotton-free Feelm Max Ceramic Coil S1 is so highly efficient in converting e-liquid into vapour that it provides a new benchmark for TPD and TRPR complaint 2ml tanks.

“The advanced heating technology in our Ceramic Coil S1 has no cotton to soak up e-liquid so we can increase e-liquid utilization by up to 20 per cent,” Johnny Zhang, assistant president at Feelm, said.

“Devices using our S1 technology set a new benchmark for 2ml tanks by increasing the puff count from 600 to 800. This means that every three products using Feelm Max S1 technology is equivalent to four products using mainstream solutions.”

Zhang said the technological advances in the S1 technology also led to 78 per cent fewer impurities in the heating coil compared to mainstream solutions to give an ‘ultimate clean’ vaping experience with impurities in the vapour cut to just 0.16 per cent of the EU-recognised emission standards set by ANFOR, the French Association for Standardisation.

The S1 ceramic technology also produces aerosol particles smaller than one micron – around 70 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair – and 35 per cent smaller than mainstream heating solutions. This leads to vastly improved flavour delivery and a reduced mouth residue that significantly reduces any aftertaste.

The S1 ceramic coil also features a constant power engine which provides a vapour consistency of 95 per cent and a 35 per cent improvement in taste consistency.

The heating technology is specifically designed consistently reproduce the flavours of the e-liquid from the first puff to the last for maximum satisfaction so that the taste is always good.

Feelm said it has also used ‘mindful design’ to ensure the technology on the inside is complemented by good looks on the outside, including a transparent tank which eliminates the anxiety of not knowing how much e-liquid is left inside.

Zhang said: “When we developed this new heating solution we wanted to bring about the tech rebirth of disposable vapes.

“We have created the first ever ceramic coil for the disposable category with major breakthroughs in heating technology, electronic technology and in structure and materials to give smokers and vapers the utmost trust in what they are vaping as well as an unparalleled experience.

“We have invested some £160m over the last year in setting a new standard for the market in terms of the exceptionally clean and smooth vaping experience that consumers will enjoy from a ceramic coil.”