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Relx Infinity: Vape Business tries out the new device

September 30, 2020

The RELX Infinity device (Credit: RELX)

One of the newest capsule systems to launch in the UK is Relx, a thus far little-known brand in the UK which happens to be one of the biggest names in vape across Asia.

Relx arrives in this country placing itself very much at the premium end of the scale. A pack of two Relx Pro capsules costs £7.99 compared to Juul’s £10.99 for four and My Blu’s £5.99 for two capsules. At £19.99, the Relx Infinity device matches the price of a standard Juul device but is double that of a myBlu or Logic Compact.

So, is it worth it? To begin with, Relx Infinity’s set up is, thanks to some additional protective packaging on the Relx Pro pods and less-than-clear instructions on how to remove it, less ‘click and go’ than most other main pod mod systems out there.

Once you get started, however, Relx’s advantages are soon obvious. Firstly, the battery just keeps going. Add this to the fact that those Relx Pro capsules are nearly double the size of some of its competitors and the system gives the user real confidence that they can go out all day without the need for bulging pockets of  power leads and spare pods. Until you experience it – the disappearance of that nagging doubt whether your device is going to make your full evening at the pub – it’s difficult to communicate just how important this is.

The flavours – I tried the Raspy Ruby and Classic Tobacco pods – weren’t the best that I have tasted across the market but the ‘Super Smooth’ technology based on some nifty advances in the atomiser means that not only is it smooth but also the weight and intensity of each puff is also satisfying. For anyone looking to transition away from combustible cigarettes, Relx offers a ‘mouth feel’ that has a great chance of hitting the required spot.

In conclusion, then, Relx Infinity arrives into a crowded market with enough that’s unique about it to build a loyal fanbase.