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Relx expands disposables range with new ‘Waka’ devices and own brand MagicGo    

February 28, 2023

Waka soFit (L) and Waka soPro

Relx International has announced the launch of two new Waka disposable products and an own-brand disposable, Relx MagicGo, expanding its line-up of premium closed pod vapes.

New Waka soPro and Waka soFit devices launch in the UK in spring 2023 with 600 puffs and provide an unparalleled taste profile thanks to a cutting-edge and improved MESH 2.0 coil that maximises the richness of flavour in every puff.

The enhanced coil ensures minimal e-liquid goes to waste while offering maximum depth of flavour and a smooth, satisfying inhale, the company said.

Small and shaped like a pebble, Waka soPro, discreetly fits inside small pockets, while boasting 10W of power to deliver big, intense cloud bursts with every puff. With a battery that lasts for days, it is available in eight colours, coming in ten flavours.

The product hits the market alongside another new disposable – Waka soFit. With a sleek, glossy, bar-shaped design and a crystal-effect mouthpiece for a comfortable inhale, the Waka soFit device shines in the adult user’s hand, available in eight radiant colours and ten flavours.

Relx MagicGo

“Following growing consumer demand for convenient products that don’t compromise on quality and flavour, we’ve decided to expand our disposables range,” Aaron Wei, UK general manager at Relx International, said.

“That’s why we are so excited to launch Waka – two exciting new disposable devices that offer adult vape users a more convenient and premium vaping experience than ever before. Each design boasts a unique design and the industry-leading MESH 2.0 coil, which offers existing adult vapers a smooth, rich taste from a selection of new flavours.

“We’re looking forward to offering our customers a new way to enjoy disposables and an elevated user experience with our state-of-the-art Waka products.”

Relx MagicGo comes with the same MESH 2.0 coil, as well as a 400mAh pure cobalt battery for longer satisfaction, and a multi-layer flavour-lock structure for better leak resistance. It is available eight colours, and, like the Waka products, boasts ten flavours.