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RELX adds Starter Kit to premium vape range

March 30, 2022


RELX International has added a brand-new product to its lineup of next generation vaping products,  RELX Starter Kit.

The closed-pod starter kit, priced at £8.99, includes one pre-charged black RELX Essential, the brand’s most popular device, plus one closed pod, either Fresh Red or Menthol Plus and a USB charging cable.

The brand said the Starter Kit will provide existing adult smokers and vapers with a convenient easy-to-use system, containing all the elements required to enjoy a seamless, premium vaping experience.

RELX Essential is an affordable device complete with the brand’s SuperSmooth vapour system and leak-resistant technology. Built with an ergonomic mouthpiece, RELX Essential allows for the most comfortable fit for the lips and offers a smooth inhalation experience. The device is also easy charging and long lasting.

“Convenience is a key shopper trend and an important factor in next-gen nicotine selection, as more regularly, consumers are looking for a quick in-store transaction and an easy to operate vaping system,” Micaela Sangiovanni, senior trade marketing manager at RELX International, commented.

“The RELX Starter Kit is perfect for adult smokers and vapers looking for an easy-to-use device as the kit contains all the elements required for a premium vaping experience, including a closed pod which is easily slotted into the device and can be activated instantly for people on the go.”

The RELX Starter Kit is available to purchase on RELX’s website and for all eligible retailers to stock, including independent convenience stores, vape shops and shopping kiosks.