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PMI announces first new market to sell ‘Lil’ products

August 18, 2020


IQOS manufacturer Philip Morris (PMI) has just announced it will begin selling the ‘Lil’ brand outside South Korea after acquiring global distribution rights from KT&G in January.

According to Yahoo Finance, PMI will first launch KT&G’s lil SOLID device and its accompanying Fiit sticks in Russia. The device uses a pin-based tobacco heating system which provides four ‘experiences’ without recharging.

The lil SOLID device is going to launched under the IQOS umbrella, which is already an established brand in Russia.

PMI’s chief executive André Calantzopoulos said: “Our ambition is that all those who would otherwise continue to smoke switch as soon as possible to better alternatives and abandon cigarettes to the benefit of their health, public health and society at large. We are excited to enter into the next phase of our agreement with KT&G. The commercialisation of KT&G’s products outside of South Korea will complement our already strong smoke-free portfolio, providing adult smokers with an even broader range of taste, price and technology options.”

The three-year distribution deal and also includes lil MINI and lil PLUS heated tobacco products alongside lil HYBRID, which combines heated tobacco and vape. The portfolio is completed by KT&G’s vaping brand lil VAPOUR.

Prior to launching in a new market, PMI is focusing in ensuring the range meets any specific regulatory requirements.