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Nu Vape develops hybrid nicotine product as alternative to disposable vapes

February 27, 2024

Photo: iStock

UK vape company Nu Vape said it has developed a product that uses a proprietary formulated hybrid nicotine, meaning that it is a blend of the base and salt product.

The company said this would give much smoother and sustained nicotine sensation, whilst also helping the user reduce their nicotine level if they currently use disposable vapes, as the base nicotine blend makes the overall experience feel stronger to the vaper.

“We have spent months developing our range of e-liquids and nicotine boosters to help people currently using disposable vapes transition to an overall superior product,” said Nigel Quine, chief executive.

“Combined with one of our premium open pod systems, our customers have a much better vape experience, save a significant amount of money and the damage to the environment is considerably less.”

With the disposable vapes were to be banned, Quine said their new offering deals with the changing needs of the consumer and greatly improves on disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes predominantly contain e-liquid flavours and salt nicotine. Salt nicotine has an acute speed of uptake (meaning that you absorb it quicker), making the user sometime feel giddy and get headaches – especially if they are overdosing on nicotine. It also makes you vape more, because there is quite a quick crash – a bit like some energy drinks.

There is another type of nicotine available called base, which has a slower uptake that salt nicotine and lasts longer with a much softer drop off, this results in you need to vape less frequently.