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New tobacco flavour joins JUUL range

July 27, 2020


Vape manufacturer JUUL is launching a new flavour to its range of capsules from August. Rich Tobacco will join the current range of six available JUULpod flavours.

Earlier this year, the company launched a Menthol flavour to draw menthol cigarette smokers away from the tobacco category in the aftermath of the ban on flavoured tobaccos in May. The new addition is designed to “complement” both the Menthol and Golden Tobacco flavours in the range, which also includes Glacier Mint, Royal Creme, Mango Nectar and Alpine Berry.

The launch is part of a branding update which will begin with the Rich Tobacco JUULpods but will extend to the full range of products in the coming months.

John Patterson, Juul Labs UK sales director said: “Our focus is to provide adult smokers with an alternative to combustible cigarettes, and combating underage use of our products.”

While many JUULpod products are available with nicotine strengths of both 18mg and 9mg, the new product will – at least initially – only be available at the higher level.

Rich Tobacco JUULpods are available in retail and online from 6 August and a four-pack of capsules costs £10.99.