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New data aims to avoid Scotland ‘sleepwalking’ towards vape restrictions

February 17, 2021


The Scottish Grocer’s Federation has revealed data on the use of e-cigarettes and opinions of vapers as part of a bid to ensure the nation doesn’t “sleepwalk into unnecessary regulation”.

The organisation surveyed around 2,500 e-cigarette users to establish how they used the devises and their role in cutting smoking rates.

Dr John Lee, head of policy and public affairs at SGF told BBC Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland show: “We think these products can play a vital part in helping Scotland reaching its goal of a tobacco-free generation by 2034.”

Yet, with Scottish government consulting on post-Brexit changes to vape restrictions, Lee warned: “There is a danger that the potential benefit of e-cigarettes won’t be realised.”

Lee also emphasised that vape products are “not a gateway for people who do not smoke”:

“Most people… use them because they are a very effective way of stopping smoking and we feel that that has to be recognised, that the evidence has to be looked at, so we don’t sleepwalk into unnecessary restrictions on this market,” he said.

The survey data also highlights the important role that convenience retailers play in growing sales and increasing uptake of e-cigarettes among smokers.

He told Good Morning Scotland: “The poll shows that where people who use [e-cigarettes] get most information about them is in stores which sell these products. They can have the conversation with retailers that helps them find the right product for them.”