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Home News New ASH report shows big rise in vaping use

New ASH report shows big rise in vaping use

June 29, 2021

Credit: UKVIA

A new report from Action on Smoking and Health has highlight a huge increase in the proportion of adults using e-cigarettes, taking the number to 3.6 million, or 7.1 percent of the population.

The data, compiled in partnership with YouGov, forms part of a research document titled ‘Use of e-cigarettes (vapes) among adults in Great Britain’.

According to the research, nearly two thirds of current vapers are ex-smokers (64.6 percent), and the proportion continues to grow, while the proportion who also are dual users of tobacco and vape has fallen to 30.5 percent in 2021.

The report also shows a greater willingness to try non-combustible nicotine products, with the proportion of adult smokers who have never tried e-cigarettes continuing to decline slowly to 30.1 percent this year.

Evidence that vaping is a gateway to smoking remains thin on the ground with fewer than 1 percent of so-called ‘never smokers’ currently vapers in the UK.

The main reason given by current smokers for using vapes is to cut down (26 percent) and then to help them quit (17 percent).  Another key driver for smokers to use vape is then to stop them relapsing once they have quit (14 percent).

The document also identifies the success of top brands. Vype remains the most popular brand, with Juul overtaking Blu and Logic to take second place, the report says.