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Menthol ban sees vape sales soar, data suggests

September 23, 2020

Credit: JUUL Labs

The vaping market saw double-digit growth in the twelve weeks after this summer’s menthol ban, industry data has shown.

According to the IRI data, the vaping category grew 12.6 percent in the aftermath of the 20 May ban, with sales of menthol flavoured products up by 44.6 percent. The data was shared by vape manufacturer Juul.

John Patterson, Juul’s sales director in the UK said: “The vaping category… has experienced solid growth in the past few months. If we look at total sales across closed and open systems in the twelve weeks pre and post the removal of menthol cigarettes, menthol and mint products contributed to almost 60 percent of all growth in the category, with menthol flavours alone responsible for 36 percent of all growth.”

The growth has come despite concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic and the limits on trading for vape shops during lockdown would harm the category. Instead, the growth suggests many smokers have decided to transition away from combustible cigarettes.

Patterson added: “Since May, Glacier Mint JUULpods have remained the number one refill kit in the closed pod sector in the UK and Menthol JUULpods have performed strongly. Retailers who stock the Juul range could therefore grow their category sales and offer adult smokers a credible alternative to cigarettes, which continue to be the number one cause of preventable death in the UK.”