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Meet RELX, the eye-catching challenger to the premium vape market

September 7, 2020

The RELX Infinity device (Credit: RELX)

One of Asia’s biggest premium vaping brands has arrived in the UK and is looking to take a bite of the hugely-competitive capsules market.

Vape Business speaks to director Micaela Sangiovanni, senior trade marketing manager at RELX to learn more about the arrival of this global brand.

What do Vape Business readers need to know about the RELX brand?  

We currently have two different devices: RELX Infinity and RELX Essential. The two new products have different designs but share the same ‘SuperSmooth’ technology, which is independently developed by RELX. Both devices provide users with an intuitive vaping experience while delivering a velvety smooth vape from start to finish.

We have also developed seven tailor-made flavours specific to users in the UK and there will be further flavours introduced in the future.

Micaela Sangiovanni

What niche does it fill in an already-busy market?

Infinity and Essential ceramic pods offer 1.9ml nicotine and last around 500 puffs based on average consumption. They are the only pods in the market designed with the SuperSmooth feature which provides rich and dense vapour with just the right temperature, appropriate draw resistance and a quiet inhaling experience, giving users a consistently smooth and familiar experience from start to finish.       

How important are convenience stores to your model for success? 

It’s a key part of our strategy to keep on gaining distribution and availability across the convenience channel in the short and medium terms to ensure that our products can easily be found by all our consumers. We are currently offering lighting displays and testing units for any store stocking RELX products. We also have posters and leaflets to complement this. 

How is COVID-19 going to change the vape industry?  

We still have a team of sales representatives visiting stores, while we are also digitally connecting with our database of retailers and taking orders on the phone. Many retailers have already had to make the tough decision of temporarily closing their stores and furloughing employees. This has led to a shift to online and digital purchasing.