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Manchester bans smoking in new outdoor areas

August 10, 2020


Manchester City Council has approved a smoking ban for all new outdoor seating areas, created to assist pubs, bars and restaurants to reopen while keeping to social distancing regulations.

Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, executive member for neighbourhoods at Manchester Council, told Manchester Evening News: “Smoking is not only terrible for our health but is also an unpleasant thing for bystanders to endure.

I am sure that after months inside the last thing people want is a face full of smoke when trying to enjoy a meal or drink.”

Last month a debate in the House of Lords saw a cross-bench group of Lords table an emergency amendment to the recent temporary relaxation in licensing laws to restrict smoking in any new outdoor spaces. The move ultimately failed but it shows that the issue is fast becoming a priority for anti-smoking campaigners.

Councillor Akbar added: “The introduction of outside seating for the hospitality sector has been a positive step over the past few weeks. We are seeing the public enjoy a degree of normality, and we are also seeing our businesses pick up following the devastating impact of the lockdown. However, we have not endured one health crisis to sleepwalk into another.”

Vape Business has previously speculated that a compromise solution could see vaping allowed, which would allow vapers and smokers to satisfy their habit while cutting any risk of passive tobacco smoking for other diners or drinkers.