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Lost Mary debuts flagship vape pod system, Tappo

January 30, 2024


Lost Mary has unveiled its first pod system, Tappo.

The new closed-pod system lets vapers easily replace the e-liquid with prefilled pods when it’s finished, cutting down on waste and providing a more cost-effective alternative to single-use vapes.

With a powerful rechargeable 750 mAh battery, Tappo enables longer vaping sessions on a single charge than other devices in the closed-pod category.

Complemented by QUAQ technology, it delivers a consistent and robust flavour experience akin to its single-use counterpart, from the first draw to the last.

As such, Tappo effectively addresses a common hurdle for those who have transitioned to vaping to quit smoking but have yet to adopt prefilled devices due to their preference for the flavour and convenience offered by single-use vapes.

Aesthetically, Tappo retains the essence of Lost Mary’s pioneering and distinctive ergonomic design. Enhanced by a stainless aluminium shell, it has a high-end quality finish seldom seen in its vaping category.

In addition, Tappo features a smart indicator that uses three colours to display the battery level, allowing vapers to check the device status at a glance.

The innovative design of the QUAQ-enhanced cartridge also significantly reduces leakage by efficiently absorbing and storing e-liquid.

Tappo initially offers a choice of 15 pod flavours, tailored to suit individual preferences, with more flavour varieties and product colours in development.

It’s also compatible with all 35 Elfbar Elfa Pro and other QUAQ-powered prefilled pods, providing an extensive range of options to suit all tastes.