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Lockdown could limit menthol ‘switchers’, vape industry warns

June 1, 2020

VPZ closed all 155 stores on Tuesday in line with a government request

One of the biggest vape retailers in the UK has warned that the opportunity to encourage menthol smokers away from combustible tobacco may be reduced due to the closure of vape stores during the ban’s implementation last month.

Doug Mutter, director of manufacturing and compliance at VPZ said: “I think in normal circumstances this move could have had the potential to significantly reduce smoking rates in the UK. However, with vaping stores closed and stop smoking services shut, it remains to be seen how we can engage menthol smokers and encourage them to make the switch.”

VPZ’s 155 retail sites across the UK have been closed since March. Yet like other specialist stores, the business has focused on offering an online delivery service and Mr Mutter still believes the menthol ban will prove to be a significant opportunity for the business.

“This is the biggest change to tobacco law since plain packing was introduced.

For the vaping industry it presents an opportunity to help smokers finally make the switch, and while that will be harder with stores still closed, we believe that vaping presents the best opportunity to stamp out cigarettes for good.

VPZ has built a digital platform for advice and guidance on smokers switching to vaping for the first time as well as how to pick the best products to help them quit.

VPZ hasn’t been the only company to take advantage of the ban to attract menthol smokers. E-liquid brand Edge posted “Enjoy Menthol Come What May” while promoting a £10 starter kit while retailer Evapo posted messages about its range of menthol flavoured nicotine pouches: “Beat the menthol ban with Zyn! Zyn cool mint nicotine pouches deliver a cooling menthol flavour with notes of peppermint”.