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Location-by-location advice on vape retailing from JTI’s Nick Geens

October 21, 2020


Nick Geens, head of Logic and Reduced-Risk Products at JTI, explains how stores can create a strategy for success, wherever their store is located

No two shops are the same, so retailers should follow advice best suited to them and their store. There are many different products out there, and with shelf space limited for some, it’s important that retailers focus on stocking bestsellers in their area and to align with current trends. Likewise displays will also vary store by store, depending on space. For smaller stores, for example, a countertop display is compact but effective – in that it allows for maximum visibility of key products.

For shops that are more remote, it’s vital that retailers build a relationship with their existing customer base. Once a retailer knows their customers and their needs, then it is much easier to develop a range that caters for them.

Nick Geen is JTI’s head of reduced-risk products and Logic (Credit: JTI)

The primary concern for larger high-street symbols, meanwhile, is almost always how they can compete with nearby vaping stores, who will have comprehensive ranges, for experienced vapers. While it is unlikely that they will be able to stock such a comprehensive selection, they should make sure they have a sufficient number of devices and e-liquid strengths and flavours available.

We are constantly monitoring sales data and ensuring that our range – and any new products – match the latest trends, to help retailers meet customer demand. Our reps are also on hand to assist retailers and answer questions that are specific to them. We would also advise retailers to look at regionalised data to ensure their reps are giving the best and most pertinent advice.