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Kent-based e-cigarette brand SMOKO goes green

January 26, 2022

Photo: iStock

UK-based e-cigarette company SMOKO has unveiled a raft of strategies to offset their carbon footprint, while supporting important areas of biodiversity around the world, stated recent reports in what is deemed as world’s first-of-its-kind initiative.

Teaming up with Ecologi, the Kent-based e-cigarette brand is supporting carbon offset programmes such as protecting the Amazon rain forest in Peru and Brazil, a solar power project in India, a landfill gas capture project in Thailand and a wind farm in Turkey.

The company is also supporting the planting of mangrove trees off the coast of Madagascar. As of Dec 2021, SMOKO has helped plant more than 27,500 mangrove trees, which will offset more than 8,283 tonnes of carbon in the years to come, the equivalent of removing over 20 million miles worth of car journeys – or driving around the equator 825 times, reports said.

The company has also prevented almost 757 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere through its carbon offset programmes  – over 3x their carbon footprint.

SMOKO gets 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources, partners with green suppliers and encourages their customers to return their used refills and batteries for recycling. All SMOKO packaging is recyclable.

SMOKO co-founder Mike Cameron explains that the company works hard to help customers quit smoking tobacco and switch to a product which is dramatically less harmful and more affordable. In the past eight years, SMOKO has saved its customers more than £100 million from literally going up in smoke and prevented the consumption of more than 275 million cigarettes.

“While we have hit these impressive milestones with our customers’ help, we wanted to ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our company’s impact on the world around us. So, we have taken a look at our environmental footprint and CO2 emissions,”says Cameron.

SMOKO worked with CarbonFootprint.com to calculate its carbon emissions footprint, looking at everything from electricity consumption to emissions from worldwide shipping and delivery vans that bring SMOKO direct to their customers’ front door.