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JUUL to reach more independent retailers

July 4, 2019


JUUL has expanded its presence in the independent channel, with the best-selling US vape now available to Nisa, Costcutter and more Bestway customers.

JUUL Labs has signed an agreement with Nisa to make JUUL Starter Kits and JUULpods available for both Nisa and Costcutter retailers.

And, the products will now be available in another seventeen Bestway Wholesale depots, after debuting in wholesale at ten depots in May.

John Patterson, sales director for JUUL Labs UK, said independent channel represents huge sales opportunity for vape products in general and JUUL in particular.

“Independent and symbol retailers are responsible for almost half of all tobacco sales in the UK but only around 10% of vape sales so the commercial opportunity for them is huge – if they can get their fair share of the category,” he said.

“From a JUUL perspective, they can also play a key role in helping us reach our goal of improving the lives of adult smokers and eliminating cigarettes. Their location, community standing, personal service and long opening hours means that their stores are key destinations for adult smokers and ideal locations for JUUL to be stocked in so we can reach as many adult smokers as possible and encourage them to Make the Switch.”

It is estimated that the agreements could potentially give in excess of 10,000 retailers access to the JUUL portfolio of products.

Retailers will be required to sign up to JUUL Labs’s Challenge 25 policy which mandates all retailers to ask for authorised identification from shoppers if they appear to be under 25 years of age to prove that they are over eighteen years old – the legal age to purchase JUUL and other vaping products.